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Twice a bride, forever and always a photographer.

It’s kinda funny when people learn I’m a photographer. It’s always, “oh what kinda photography do you do?”.

Although our brand is very recent, I’ve been perfecting the craft of composition since 2009 from the grand age of 16. Picture this, it was the age of duck face, and finding the right angles to take your headshot from on the front facing camera of your flip phone. A teenage girl that coded her myspace profile and song to boot to match her new profile picture.

Since then we grew from a camera phones and point and shoot. Moved on from a crop sensor dslr and now illustrating life on our first big girl mirrorless full frame dslr.

Now thanks to the Freelance opportunities, networking, and experiences we took the jump of growing into our own brand.

But what kind of photographer am I?

I don’t think I’ll ever really know.

I started the journey learning portrait, navigating into events and weddings, Now we are on our way to conquer studio and controlling our own light.

Truthfully, If I need to put a label on my photography I think my photography is preservation photography, capturing the moment for what it is or was and/or Illustration Photography, telling the already Present story with the lenses being my brush and light and color being my paints.

Doing my art inspired by the story already told to me. Placing it in pictures for those to experience the flavor of the moment not designed in the mind to keep for only one soul to know.

The Image of beauty but trapped in something less tangible.

I was always told “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” In which I disagree with my full heart. With certain settings, mindset and a little bit of determination isn’t beauty in the hands of the sculptor? Eyes are mere windows, hands are really where it forms. Hands are the guide, in which a forms mold. Between moving around focus f-stops and iso the majority of the work goes to the hands. Maybe my specialty i could just call story sculpting photography and start a new term. I enjoy to many artistic styles to say I specialize in just one.

Im diverse and intricate.

Gentle and Eager with the experience of being twice the bride, but forever and always the photographer.

Portrait by Paulette Michelle Photography

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